Welcome to The Branch


Kelly Ayala M.S., LPC-S, RYT


Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor

Registered Yoga Teacher

Adjunct Instructor at Southern Methodist University

Certified Member of the International Association of Applied Neuroscience

Lifelong HSP (highly sensing person)

I didn't realize how detached I had become until I asked myself who I was and had no idea. This is what I refer to as self abandonment. Self abandonment served me in a lot of ways but the most frequent purpose was to protect me from feeling painful feelings like shame, guilt, sadness, anger, grief and helplessness. The problem was if I didn't allow myself to feel I didn't allow myself to HEAL. My life's mission is not only to allow myself to walk a self healing journey but to support and teach others to do the same. 


A self healing journey starts with acknowledging yourself as a sensing, feeling being. This births our authentic experience and authenticity is the acknowledgment of the mind, body and intuitive self. Feeling is not just something we ruminate about but is experienced in the whole body. I find it funny how most traditional therapy spends so much time talking but it's the body that feels, so to me it is natural to support healing the whole self. This means in session we acknowledge the body by listening to it, moving it, and connecting to it.  


Pain that has been abandoned turns into depression and anxiety but I see my clients as people not a diagnosis. By harnessing the dynamic interplay between mind, body and intuitive self we work to explore the whole you and develop the tools to support you on your journey. If the pains of life have you feeling disjointed, spaced out, disconnected or overwhelmed maybe it's time to listen to the body and find a therapist who can support you in taking the steps on a self healing journey.


I have accumulated over 12 years of clinical experience working in hospitals, universities, group and private practice. I studied Marriage and Family Therapy at Texas Wesleyan University and completed additional training in neuropsychotheray (how the brain, mind, body and environment support whole person), psychotheraputic Yoga, somatic movement, ritual, ceremony and trauma informed methods. When I'm not in session I'm mentoring the next generation of therapist at Southern Methodist University or planning the next Kaya Wellness Retreat.

I enjoy taking life slow, or practicing at least. I relish in the luxury of nature, sunshine and sipping a glass of champagne.  I'm a former collegiate athlete, Type 1 diabetic and being a therapist fulfills my soul. I love to learn about how our early experiences shape our patterns and connections and am mystified by the experience of figuring ourselves out and inspired by our resiliency to overcome. ​I know you have a story to tell and all stories matter to me, I am committed  to inclusion of all cultures, spirituality, sexuality, abilities, lifestyles and gender identities. I can't promise to be perfect but I can promise to show up with integrity.  I am ready to listen with an open heart when you are ready.