Valentine's Party of 1

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

If you are a 1 out there today can be a tough day. Today is the day we forcefully highlight the joy of being a couple and what it means to share affection. Every other day can be hard enough so today we really make sure, you know. But don’t fall into the trap of being force-fed ideas of what Valentines and affection are.

Sure, its about celebrating the affection of your partner but it's also about so much more. Here are 5 pieces of Brain Candy to eat and activate areas for affection even if you aren't coupled. 

  1. Notice: Right now, look around and pick 3 things that you share affection for. We share feelings for objects, space, and everyday items in our life we are just usually too busy to notice. If you have ever left your phone at home you know what I'm talking about. It can be anything, a plant, a dog, even a computer.

  2. Activate: Think of a Memory of affection. Think simple here. I'm not sure jumping to the ex-girlfriend memory is the first one to go for. Your mind is a powerful tool and just simply thinking of an experience with affection can activate a response to it. This morning I reminisced about creating Valentines boxes in elementary school and how fun it was.   

  3. Sense: Once you have a memory see if you can notice in your body where you experience the sensation of affection. Some people describe a tingling feeling in their chest, some say in their heads. It may take some time to notice and you might notice nothing at all. Just being open to exploring affection can bring back life to neural connectivity.

  4. Absorb: Take in that sensation of affection no matter how big or small. Heck you just created it all on your own so, celebrate it. I know it's tough sometimes to give it to ourselves but hey we could always imagine what it might feel like if we did. 

  5. Share: You don’t have to have affection to give affection. Practice sharing affecting. One of my favorite ways to share affection is to smile. You don’t have to smile at anyone at all but if you want to go for it. You can smile alone, smile in the mirror, soft smile or even a big cheese one. And yes, it's totally ok to laugh at yourself. 

By now our brain is full of delicious, tasty, wonders of affection. It's no replacement for a partner but you never know activating these neural pathways just may be attracting someone who is looking for a tasty treat. Happy Valentine's Day. 

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