Creating Meditation Space, Let's not make this complicated.

For the longest time I have been telling myself, I need to create a space where I can read 📚 and meditate 🧘‍♀️ a space all my own . Most of the time was spent thinking about it and not allowing it to happen. Facing the hump of perfectionism and honoring the true intention of the space, magic ✨happened . Here are my 3 tips to creating Meditation space . 1. Grab a pillow to raise your sits bones off the ground, a candle 🕯 for focus and healing light and a blanket or small rug to sit on or wrap yourself up in. Not much needed, makes it mobile and easy to clean up

2. Gather supplies without judgment of design, condition or being good enough. In truth no supplies are necessary for meditation but it helps to create the space

3. Choose a space to set up shop for the moment . A window, outside, bedroom, bathroom. Make a choice. If the energy is off next time try another space. . Start simple make it mobile and feel what is best for you. Once you have the hang of a daily practice inspiration will lead you to continue developing the space even more. Happy meditation 🧘‍♀️💗💫🙏🏻

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