Celebrate Independence

June was a month of wellness and connection. It took me away from the office and on my annual adventure, Camp Aunt Kelly with my nephew Lorenzo (we let my husband Jason join too). We explored our nations history, ate our way through Spanish, Japanese and Indian cuisine and had a chance to honor our those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

When I was 13 my mom so bravely sent me on a student ambassador trip to the United Kingdom and Ireland. I was reluctant to go but being somewhat of an oddball kid my mom wanted me to see there was life outside of my middle school social structure in Arlington, Texas. Every summer after I begged her to travel. At 14 I got a job at a local coffee shop and saved up every dollar (ok, I might have spent some money on my amazing CD collection) to buy round trip airfare to visit my Aunt Nancy at the Jersey Shore. Travel gave me a window to see outside of my own struggles, a doorway to life, my own independence.

It has always been my intention while at Camp Aunt Kelly that Lorenzo has an opportunity to explore Independence and this trip was no exception. Independence arrived by way of learning at our nations capitol (and may I add Texas history) from our French docent. It arrived while standing at the foot of the Emancipation Proclamation at the Lincoln Memorial. The flip side of Independence arrived when Lorenzo grasped the concept of the draft and how Pop Pop's friend Filiberto"Charlie" G. Miranda died serving in the Vietnam War. I do wonder how he processed these moments but it is safe to say there was no shortage of "Independence" opportunities.

So this 4th of July celebrate Independence. The Independence to see outside of our own struggles. We live in a place that regardless of of our political satisfaction is built on the vision of Independence. And when you decide to take the chance........................travel with Independence.

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