Therapy Specialties

Do you feel the pain of others, take on emotions that aren't yours or find yourself breaking boundaries to help someone else out? Then maybe you're a highly sensing person (HSP). 


Helpers, Healers an HSP's include therapists, nurses, doctors, veterinarians, dentists, teachers, stylists, creatives, IT professionals, stay at home parents and administrative support to name a few. We find ourselves in these professions because it's in our nature to help and support others. 

Too often we can get so caught up in being there for others that we forget to be there for ourselves. And the worst part is that we are even cautious to reach for support. It can take a lot for us to trust as we can sense when someone is being inauthentic or self-serving.


We work so hard to help others that we can be overly tender to criticism and judgment. Sometimes we feel forgotten and have become so accustomed to others overlooking us that it becomes easy to stay small and live quietly in order to protect our pain. 

If you can't tell, I'm a HSP too and I'm here to tell you that YOU MATTER. I know what it's like to feel the fear of being judged, to be face-to-face with shame and hurt. Taking the steps to heal is an act of self love. My hope is to serve as a compassionate guide on your journey, and to offer areas to explore and manifest what you want most out of life.