Therapy Specialties

Life has a beautiful way of delivering opportunities for growth in the midst of transition. We often struggle with life changes like going through a job change or wanting a new career, breakups, empty nesting, moving, questioning spirituality. These challenges may be your authentic self calling you to enrich your life. 

In therapy we create a dedicated space to explore your question about life direction, personal identity and life goals. When space is dedicated to attend to these very human parts of your authenticity we can minimizing  opportunities for depression and anxiety.

Let your voice be seen and heard without the pressure to achieve. Allow space for self-judgment to be at rest so you can determine what you really want out of life. 

Therapy might be for you if:

-you want to change destructive patterns that keep you stuck (people-pleasing, perfecting, taking action based on what others think)

-you have questioned your true purpose or passions

-you notice you struggle to like who you are