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Kelly Ayala M.S., LPC-S, RYT, MIAAN(cert)

Hello again. I'm Kelly Ayala Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, Registered Yoga Teacher, Adjunct Instructor at Southern Methodist University, Certified Member of the International Association of Applied Neuroscience and lifelong HSP (highly sensing person).

Life is hard sometimes. It leaves us tender and raw. I believe you have the capacity to heal and change. Maybe you need a place to dive deeper into self inquiry without judgement, a place to show up without having to be anyone.


I don't shy away from my authenticity and I hope you feel invited to do the same. If depression, anxiety and life transition has you in a mental joust or standstill maybe it's time to seek support or coaching. Maybe you want peace and the resources to weather any storm, because you have a vibrant life to live and together we can make that happen. 


I conceptualize client problems not by diagnosis but by harnessing the dynamic interplay between psychology, energy, mind-body connection and the science of the brain. In a nutshell, together we explore the whole you. This means we are totally inclusive to all, culture, spirituality, sexuality and lifestyle. 

I spent 20 years of my life playing sports and the last 4 at the collegiate level. Coaching and positive psychology are deeply ingrained in my makeup so if the idea of therapy makes you cringe maybe you might enjoy my coaching approach to meeting your goals.  


I have accumulated over 10 years of clinical experience working in hospitals and group practice. Through my experience I often found myself frustrated with the lack of personalized care. It seemed like the personal connections, the curiosity, the emotions and fun had been forgotten. In 2016 I took my frustration and used it as fuel to create The Branch Counseling.


I studied Marriage and Family Therapy at Texas Wesleyan University and completed additional training in neuropsychotheray (how the brain, mind, body and environment support whole person), psychotheraputic Yoga and trauma informed methods. 

I love being a therapist. I love to learn about how our early experiences shape our patterns and connections. I am mystified by the journey of figuring ourselves out and  inspired by our resiliency to overcome

When I'm not in session I'm mentoring the next generation of therapist, hosting a woxmens workshop and planning the next Strength and Sands Retreat (Fiji was EPIC). I enjoy taking life slow, or practicing at least and relish in nature on a walk around my neighborhood, sipping a glass of champagne and planning the next Strength and Sands Retreat (Fiji was EPIC). 



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