Making the decision to go to therapy is an act of self love. It's knowing you are about to come face to face with feelings, life events and tender spots with the deep belief and hope to heal and feel better. It's because of this brave act that I had to find a way to provide counseling services that attend to each individual person and their unique journey.

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About The Branch

Hi I'm Kelly Ayala. Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor. I established The Branch Counseling PLLC in 2016 with the intention to provide boutique-style counseling, serving each client from a personalized approach. At The Branch Counseling, clients have options to work in either a traditional office setting, therapeutic movement space or via telehealth. Clients communicate directly with me and have autonomy to manage their schedule. I believe that each person has the capacity to change and heal. My role is to provide an environment that supports your story, healing and development of your individuality with integrity. 

Compassion and inclusivity  are cornerstones of not only how I run my business, but how I work with my clients. The core value of compassion invites us to see and attend to our own pain, as well as extend empathy to the pain of others. The core value of inclusivity invites us to participate in creating a state of respect and value for ALL PEOPLE and FEELING states to support safe and healthy relationships. The Branch Counseling is built on the foundation of these values in hopes of providing a healing space for everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, color, sexuality, sexual identity, sexual preferences, religion, political party, size, shape or ability. 

My belief is that in order for therapy to be effective, it has to be a reflection of the people I serve, built on a foundation of science and it must incorporates the whole self. If you have ever felt the sensation of knowing what to do but just not being able to take action, this is a sensation of fragmentation. That's why The Branch Counseling offers services that get us out of the head and into whole-body healing. Services are tailored to each individual's needs and include traditional talk therapy with focus Internal Family Systems work, therapeutic yoga (breathwork, meditation) and somatic movement with intention to move toward mind + body integration.

The best way to describe The Branch Counseling is, modern mental health. Boutique-style services ensure your personal story and individuality are prioritized throughout your therapy journey. While compassion and inclusivity build the foundation for supportive, healing relationships, they are mindful qualities clients can gift to themselves. You are already whole and worthy of living the life you desire. I'm here when you are ready to take the next step on your healing journey.

Telehealth Office

Telehealth Office

The telehealth office offers flexibility and convivence without the drab of a full face view.

Movement Office

Movement Office

The movement space supports traditional talk, movement, meditation and an invitation for you express your creative side.

Traditional Office

Traditional Office

Bright windows inspire you to be curious and allow the thinking process to flow.

About Kelly

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor​

Registered Yoga Teacher​

Adjunct Instructor at Southern Methodist University​

Certified Member of the International Association of Applied Neuroscience

Kelly has accumulated over 13 years of clinical experience working in hospitals, universities, group and private practice. She studied Marriage and Family Therapy at Texas Wesleyan University and completed additional training in neuropsychotherapy (how the brain, mind, body and environment support the whole person), psychotherapeutic yoga, somatic movement, ritual, ceremony and trauma-informed methods. When Kelly's not in session, she's mentoring the next generation of therapists at Southern Methodist University, traveling and planning the next Kaya Wellness Retreat.

 Kelly enjoys taking life slow, or practicing at least,  luxuriating in nature, sunshine and sipping a glass of champagne.  She's a former collegiate athlete, Type 1 diabetic and being a therapist is what she calls her "soul's purpose." Not only does Kelly loves to learn about how our early experiences shape our patterns and connections, she's in awe of the experience of figuring ourselves out and inspired by our resiliency to overcome. ​

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